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What Are These White Cloud Cigarettes?

Cigarette smoking has been looked on with less popularity over the years and there are good reasons for that. Many smokers are looking for alternatives. One option is the electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette uses vapor instead of burning tobacco and delivers nicotine through replaceable cartridges. Many brands are available but a favorite is White Cloud Cigarettes. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

These electronic cigarettes look and feel like a real cigarette. This allows it fulfill the hand to mouth need that many smokers experience. Sometimes, just putting a cigarette to your mouth satisfies the urge to smoke even without inhaling smoke.

White Cloud Cigarettes

There are several reasons you decide on which brand of cigarette to smoke but one of those bigger reasons is a satisfying draw when inhaling. These electronic cigarettes provide a draw experience that replicates the real thing. The vapor is heated to simulate the exact feel of real smoke from burning tobacco.

Flavor is a primary factor when choosing any cigarette. White Cloud Cigarettes are very versatile in that department in that they offer seventeen different flavors from which you can choose. You can opt for a traditional tobacco taste to several strengths of menthol. There are even more exotic choices in flavor such as clove, vanilla, strawberry, and apple. In actuality the flavor ranges you can choose from is much wider than what you can find in a traditional cigarette.

You may be looking at electronic cigarettes as a method to wean yourself off smoking and quit altogether. This is possible with these electronic cigarettes because the cartridges also come in different strengths. There are six different strengths offered and they range from extra strong levels of nicotine to a cartridge with no nicotine at all. Weaning off of nicotine is easy as you progress down through the various strength levels.

Electronic cigarettes are electronic so it should be obvious that there is a battery involved in the unit. Batteries can add to the cost of operation but not so with White Cloud Cigarettes. The included battery is rechargeable via a USB port on your computer. Unlike other electronic cigarettes, these also come will a wall charger that can be plugged into any wall socket.

White Cloud Batteries

If you are wanting to plan on how many filter cartridges you need to purchase, you should be aware that each one is approximately the equivalent of one pack of traditional cigarettes. This makes them long lasting. It is also economical. With the ClearDraw Cartridges you can even see when the cart will soon be empty with the little see through window along the edge.

White Cloud ClearDraw

Electronic cigarettes do deliver nicotine but not the other mess like tar and carcinogens that a traditional tobacco burning cigarette does. While nicotine is possibly detrimental, the electronic cigarette is less damaging since it eliminates all the other unhealthful aspects of smoking.

No matter what feelings you have about smoking issues, people still smoke. The points I have made show why White Cloud Cigarettes are a better alternative for either replacing regular cigarettes or as a tool to enable you to wean yourself off of cigarettes entirely.

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