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Green Smoke

The Green Smoke Starter Kit At A Glance

Searching for a starter kit that holds a high-quality e-cigarette? It can be tough to find such products on the market, but Green Smoke has promised to have created the solution. Yet, does it really execute on its promises? This review will take a look at the Green Smoke starter kit in a bid to assess its overall value both aesthetically and performance wise. This is an in-depth look at what this company has brought forth to the market. Both the pros and cons of the piece will be discussed.

Green Smoke Ultimate Starter Kit
Green Smoke’s Build

Let’s commence with the overall presentation of the starter kit. Does it get the job done when it comes to looking the part? E-cigarettes have started to take over the market because they provide the user with a similar feeling of smoking a cigarette. Of course, with the e-cigarette, one does not have to worry about all the negatives which come along with cigarettes.
Focusing on the aesthetic build of the starter kit, it does get the job done. It looks the part and this is important. Many individuals have complained in the past with such products because they look and feel “off”. This is never a good thing to have said about one’s product during reviews. Yet, this product does look the part and that is a major plus point.
Staying on the build quality with this starter kit, it is durable. This is essential in this day and age when customers are looking to get a great product for their money. Value is essential and with this product, it does provide the right kind of aesthetic appeal that one craves.
E-cigarettes can often get complaints when it comes to the piece falling apart. This can happen due to a range of reasons and one can never pinpoint what makes this occur. Yet, it is important to keep tabs on the build quality at all times when making such purchases. With the Green Smoke product, this is not an issue. It does work as desired and is quite sturdy in one’s hands without becoming cumbersome to use.

Green Smoke Vapor
Green Smoke Vapor Output

Let’s move onto the vapor production. This is the key selling point for Green Smoke and something they have become famous for over the years. The industry is laden with numerous competitors that are looking to provide the best possible deal for customers. Yet, vapor production is something no smoker wishes to compromise on. It can make or break an entire product in this industry.
The vapor production for this product is superlative. This is one of the major plus points associated with this e-cigarette. Not only is each puff long, it is just as smooth as one would want it to be. This lends a helping hand to its ability to provide an authentic similar tobacco smoking experience for users.

Green Smoke Flavors
Flavors Green Smoke Provides

When it comes to the flavors, this is where the product does take a little bit of a hit. Many customers are trying to expand their taste buds and want to try something new. Green Smoke prefers to focus on quality instead of banging out as many flavors as they possibly can.
Green Smoke has chosen to stick with a choice between five flavors when it comes to this particular starter kit. This is fine for some, while others might not appreciate such a lacking in choice. What are the five flavors one may query? The five flavors are menthol, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and three different types of tobacco.
For those who prefer these regular flavors, these are of the highest quality. They did an excellent job of making sure the flavors that are available provide the best possible results.

Green Smoke’s Pricing

This is one of the cons with this product. If a customer is looking to get a cheaper product, this is not the one to get. Green Smoke is looking to cater towards quality instead of trying to pump out as many as possible.
For those who are on a budget, this starter kit might be on the higher end of things. Yet, the value comes with the overall performance of the e-cigarettes. A customer is getting their value through the performance of the actual e-cigarette and that is worth something.
It is all about one’s own preferences when it comes to the performance they want. If the goal is to save money, this is not the best option, although still cheaper than buying regular cigarettes. If the goal is to get high-quality vapor production and quality battery life, this is one of the best out there at the moment. At this time Green Smoke’s Starter Kits range in the the price of $29.99-$129.97 with six different kits to choose from.

Green Smoke Battery
Battery Life of Green Smoke

Time to move onto one of the biggest conundrums that are seen in the e-cigarette industry. Battery life is critical in this day and age.
Green Smoke has an excellent automatic battery set-up. Instead of putting a switch on the e-cigarette, which takes away from the aesthetic appeal, the automatic battery is designed to provide lasting energy.
Now the difference between this product and other starter kits out there revolves around the adapter. The biggest issue for people comes with the charging of the batteries. If the process is not simple, it can become cumbersome in a hurry and no one wants that.
With measurements in terms of “puffs”, this one can churn out around 300 per charge and almost 2 cartridges . This is something to keep in mind.

Concluding Thoughts on Green Smoke Starter Kits

Is this worth buying? Yes, it is for those who want to get a good product that is as close to the real thing as possible.
If the goal is to get something with a range of flavors, this is certainly not the right option, although the flavors they have are not bad at all. This is only for those who are focused on getting a product that lasts long, is reliable, and produces quality vapor.
Green Smoke has been around for a long time and has had its ups and downs. Yet, this product is quite brilliantly put together and the experience shows in both design and functionality. The price might push some away, but it is worth it both in the short and long-term for those intrigued. Check out their official website here… www.greensmoke.com

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