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E cigarettes are a great alternative to the traditional cigarettes sold in the market today. They’re less invasive and carcinogenic and more readily accepted in public areas than regular cigarettes are. There are many varieties of the electronic cigarette and you’ll want to know which is the best e cigarette to choose. This can be a difficult choice if you don’t know the differences in e cigarettes.

With new laws taking effect, more and more places of business are banning smoking in an effort to comply with the laws. Everyday people like us are searching for better alternatives. Now, we have them. We can still smoke and enjoy our traditions and habits without offending others.

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How you may ask?

E cigarettes offer you the best of both worlds. You can give up those dangerous carcinogens and still enjoy your smoking ritual as often as you like. You certainly don’t need more reasons than that. Since the market is growing so quickly, you’ll find plenty of choices to choose from when choosing an E cigarette. This is ideal for those who are choosing to invest in E cigarettes as well, but it also gives the smokers a difficult decision to make in choosing the perfect e cig kit for their new smoking lifestyle.

Market Competition

The more popular E cigarettes become, the more choices there are going to be for smokers to choose from. Various brands will be in close competition for those cigarette sales. This is where it gets tricky for you the consumer to choose. The more demand, the more choices there will be available for consumers who choose to make this change from regular cigarettes to E cigarettes.

As long as smokers continue to purchase E cigarettes, there will be a high profit margin for investors. This puts various brands in high competition.

While some brands are more established than others, many companies offer choices which can make it a difficult choice for those who are just switching over from regular cigarettes to E cigarettes. How does one choose from so many brands of E cigarettes?

With so many large companies and smaller companies to choose from, this decision isn’t an easy one to make. But, armed with a little bit of information, it can be done.

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Good News

There are some very specific brands that cater to smokers and help make the transition easier.

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Bad News

You’ll need to know the differences and what you should be seeking when choosing your new brand of E cigarettes compared to your previous brand of regular cigarettes.

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Don’t Be Scammed

As in any market, there are good and bad business practices. E cigarettes are no exception. Many products lay claim to a superior product while providing nothing more than a cheap inflated price.

A few companies have a lot of advertising and this also can inflate a not so well deserved reputation.

Many companies spend their advertising money on a great ad campaign rather than on producing a produce that satisfies their customers and keeps them coming back.

This makes it difficult to tell the brands that are inflating the prices trying to convince consumers that they are getting a great deal.

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It can be infuriating to find out that you’ve just put a lot of money into this, only to find that you were cheated by scammers.

Why Bother?

Just because your friend suggests these helped them quit smoking, doesn’t make it a good deal or the ideal solution for you to quit smoking. It’s hard to choose from the various brands and choose the right starter kit for oneself.

Let’s look at your options and the information you require to choose the perfect E cigarette starter kit with total confidence.

Each brand has a customer satisfaction rating. You can count on these companies to give you what they state they give you each and every time an order is placed.

The brands reviewed here have a great reputation for repeat business. These companies aren’t growing due to a great ad campaign, but rather from delivering a quality product and having great repeat customers.

So, how do you decide which E cigarette brand to choose? At the end of a day you’ll take into account your taste, budget and preferences.

For this reason our unbiased reviews on the top E cigarette brands can be very helpful to you the consumer.

In fact, the reason you’re here is to choose from a reliable brand that will leave you satisfied. Let’s take a moment and browse through the various choices below to see what you might like best.

Making an informed decision that is well thought out will definitely steer you in the right direction. You simply can’t go wrong when you make an informed decision.

So let’s get started and find your perfect brand today. Check out the top e cig reviews below.

#1.  V2 Cigs

#2.  Green Smoke

#3.  White Cloud Cigarettes

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