Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Review
Volcano Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel are the manufacturers of the digital vaporizer volcano although it is considerably expensive. According to reviews, it is a favorite to many though. Fans of the digital Volcano Vaporizer rave about its convenience, efficiency and how easy it is to use.

When a digital vaporizer is used, you get to experience the vapor while still in the chamber or while it builds up in the balloon chamber. The gas supply may be disconnected when the bag is totally filled up and you can expect the stored vapor to last for about eight hours.

Better for Your Health & Environment

The Storz and Bickel-manufactured device works so well that it is often used medically. The main advantage of the Vaporizer Volcano is the concern for health by using natural herbs. The percentage of artificial ingredients is less than 25%, reducing the dangers of smoking. It is also gentle to the environment since the quantity of the released smoke is minimal.

Quality, Food-Grade Materials

It’s also superior in quality compared to the traditional vaporizer. Only food grade polyester is used in making the balloon bags, while the iron core is used in construction of the heating element whose robust pump is run by a membrane. The benefits of this are that the air and temperature released is of good range.

Built to Last

The heating cartridge and pump can cope with stress and strain that comes with regular use. The valves are made from steel and plastic that has been subjected under heat alongside polymer filling chamber. It’s very easy to use, even for newcomers who only need to follow simple instructions that come with the vaporizer Volcano.

Simple, Intuitive LCD Display

Some of the wonderful add-ons are the push-buttons for temperature and fan options. With the Digital Volcano device from Storz and Bickel, reading the temperature is simple thanks to the LCD screen. Heating levels of the current temperature and the set of temperature are clearly displayed. The huge LCD display is significantly advantageous because you will consistently be updated regarding the status of operation of the Vaporizer Volcano.

Quick Heating & Auto Shut Off

Temperature is shown in Celsius and Fahrenheit and its communication with the user is enhanced by an electronic control system. Two minutes are enough for heating up while on, switching off, cooling down requires about three minutes. Shutting off is also automatic if the device is not attended for about 20 minutes.

This digital version by Storz and Bickel includes all of the features of the Classic Volcano Vaporizer to give you maximum satisfaction. It comes with a 2-year warranty and costs beyond $500. When the two years are over, the manufacturer will charge you a nominal amount for any repairs.

As far as where the best place to pick up the Digital Volcano Vaporizer online is, well – it depends on how fast you want to get it in your hands and which bonus gifts you want. We’ve tracked down the two best deals here: From the Vapor Store, you can pick up the Volcano Digital vaporizer for the usual price of $669 WITH free shipping, a free case or free herb grinder.

If you want your vaporizer volcano quicker (we would), you can get it from Vape World, where you will also get a free case and free overnight shipping. Hit the green button or the banner below to grab that deal. Either way, don’t forget to come back and share your volcano vaporizer experiences with us.

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