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It is tough to crack the mystery that lies behind the market’s best e cigarettes. Although there are electronic comparison charts that are available online for helping people with their purchasing decisions, no one really is able to pinpoint what exactly the best e cigarette is that is available in the market today just by simply viewing a chart. There is more to finding the best e cigarette.

For example, you can read reviews online about different e cigarette brands. You can also take the time to individually compare electronic cigarettes. Some individuals enjoy doing this by choosing a couple of products and then comparing them side by side. When e cigarettes are compared, it is usually on the characteristics of product quality, taste, available flavors, vapor production, look and feel, batter life and puffs.

You would think a person who had just got through comparing different e cigarettes using video reviews, text reviews and images would be able to point their finger and say they know which e cigarette is the best one on the market. At least in their opinion.

These things can vary from one person’s opinion to the next, as each one tries out the different e-cig styles and brands.

E Cigarette Comparison

It’s hard keeping up with whatever the next new thing is or what highly rated new e cigarettes are available in the market.

As we discussed previously, there are so many different e cigarette scams that are out there, along with the multitude of sites claiming they compare different e cigarettes online. However, they are created solely for the purpose of profiting from affiliate marketing. They are very thin sites that have lots of filler content that quite often are just directly off the merchant’s website.

You might also notice there aren’t any personal images or physical product photos with watermark logos. Unfortunately, the only thing they have is their review charts (they can be quite misleading). Just note that some of the owners of these sites have never even used any of the e cigarettes they supposedly are reviewing and rating for the best interest of the public.

There aren’t very many who really keep up with all the different e cigarettes brands (never mind every specific new model) that is available. What what can we do? We can choose the e cigarette products we think are the best for people to use. It shouldn’t be because so much hype has been built by the company around themselves or due to the fact that they have an awesome looking website. It is because we have done the research.

From looking at company reputations, to email, personal interactions, chat messages, forums and physically experiencing the actual product ourselves, is how we compare the different e cigarette brands side by side. When it is time to compare different electronic cigarettes, and publish reviews online about new products, we try to set new standards for e cigarette review sites each time. We do this through being honest, open and transparent about our feelings about the products.

When you take into consideration that you are looking for the market’s best e cigarette

We will try out best to keep things simple. There isn’t just one great e-cig to fulfill each desire that every tobacco user has when attempting to convert to e cigarettes 100%. There is, however, an electronic cigarette that in comparison does a pretty good job. With help from anonymous website visitors who returned later to leave ratings and reviews, we believe we can safely say the data flow on our customer review chart offers solid enough information to prove our point. Based on the review chart from our editors, we agree with their selection.

So what do the e cig consumers have to say?

Why are we in agreement that the best e cigarette available on today’s market is V2 Cigs (for e-cig users that are more advanced).

V2 Cigs Starter Kit

It isn’t simply saying because everybody else says that it is. But in a way it kind of is. All of the e cigarette reviews over the internet do speak for themselves. In the past there could be 5,000 bad reviews out of 1.2 million total good reviews, and reviews that are life changing. If you have any common sense, in terms of V2 Cigs, it is easy to tell that the good far outweighs the bad.

To conclude:

To wrap things up, we are only attempting to make it very clear to our readers that sites out on the web do have comparison charts that claim they are comparing e cigarettes in the United States, Australia and other countries on a purely objective standpoint. However, they may not be rating products or brands correctly. The reviews are just slapped together, while the owners are just marketing their sites solely to make quick profits. We really want the public to see all of the good things that e cigarettes have to offer, and not be run off when being approached to try one because they tried a really lousy one once.

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