7 Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Most people suffer from a variety of so-called bad-habits which tend to grow as the years pass by. Undoubtedly smoking has proven, over the longer term, to be one of the worst of all.

Nevertheless, due to the amount of deaths caused by smoking-related diseases every year, such as cancer, lung disease, and respiratory disorders, scientists have been working hard in order to come up with a variety of alternatives to cigarettes.

At number one on the list of the best alternatives to the traditional chemical-ridden cigarette is the electronic cigarette. A useful “device” in terms of cutting out the harmful side-effects known to be induced by smoking tobacco on a regular basis.

Let’s now consider a number of reasons why, if you are a cigarette or tobacco smoker in general, you should consider switching to the much healthier e-cigarettes alternative instead.

1. Cigarettes contain a substance called nicotine. Nicotine is regarded as the main ingredient in the cause of cancerous diseases among regular cigarette smokers. Further, nicotine is addictive. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand can be entirely nicotine-free or with your own level of nicotine which you can gradually decrease as you wish. What’s more, traditional cigarettes contain as many as 600 ingredients which are proven to have a negative impact on health. When cigarette tobacco is burned, as many as 4,000 chemical compounds are created from a single cigarette. These compounds are also known to be harmful to one’s health. E-cigarettes on the other hand, contain a very-much reduced amount of ingredients and chemical compounds in comparison to traditional cigarettes.

2. When traditional cigarettes are smoked, a rather “disagreeable” odor is produced which as often as not provides for something of an anti-social connotation. Further, this odor tends to cling to clothing, and makes a person’s breathe smell somewhat rancid. Electronic cigarettes on the other hand produce no lingering smell.

3. Another side-benefit of switching to electronic cigarettes is that there is no requirement for accessories such as an ashtray, matches, or a lighter.

4. Electronic cigarettes are safe to use indoors and there’s no possibility of smoke alarms being triggered.

5. It’s a pertinent argument that the use of electronic cigarettes are a valid option to reduce a nicotine addiction.

6. In every country, traditional cigarettes are attracting a high level of governmental taxes. Therefore, by switching to e-cigarettes, those taxes can be entirely avoided, thus potentially saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

7. Finally, if you are a regular smoker, and you have decided to quit the traditional stick in favor of the e-cigarette, no doubt that it will help to provoke healthy discussion within your own social circles. Utilizing an electronic cigarette is surely a conversation point for many people.
There are so many benefits to switching away from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes instead. If you are a cigarette smoker, you’re now fully aware of the positives of making the move.

There is a large variety of e-cigarettes available these days, so if you find that you don’t particularly enjoy one brand, why not try another? No doubt there’s something available to suit your own tastes.